Tennessee Couple Takes The Most Breathtaking Engagement Photos By a Frozen Waterfall


I’ve seen my fair share of gorgeous engagement photos, but this Tennessee couple might just take home the cake!

According to People, Morgan Daye and Josh Morris had their friend and photographer, Kellie Elmore, take their engagement pictures at Bald River Falls, but had no idea it would be frozen solid.

“It was super cold, but when we got there we were just amazed how it looked in real life,” Elmore told People. “There were tons of people there, but they happily moved out of the way for us.”

Because the weather was bad, they parked their car and walked two miles to the location and it was SO worth it.

Kellie Elmore Creative/Facebook


Kellie Elmore Creative/Facebook

Kellie Elmore Creative/Facebook

The photographer has shared the photos on her Instagram and will (hopefully) keep sharing more! “Now the challenge is finding an amazing venue that if all possible will top these photos,” she said. “I’m not sure that will be possible.”