Wedding Day Preparedness Kit

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If you live on the Coast in the South, you know all about hurricane preparedness. Let’s apply those same principles to your wedding day and make sure everything goes smoothly. A small bag (actually, maybe a large bag) of helpful supplies can reduce stress and keep you or your mom from having a Category 5 meltdown.

Must haves for your wedding day preparedness kit:

• Tampons – let’s hope you have successfully managed your family planning options and are not having your period at the time of your wedding. The feminine products are for the bridesmaids and other female wedding party members.

• Breath mints and dental floss – clean and fresh is always best.

• Sewing kit – at the minimum you should have little scissors, safety pins, needles and thread to match your gown and the bridesmaids’ dresses. A kit with a variety of thread colors is even better. Imagine the points you will score when you can help fix your future mother-in-law’s dress.

• Hem tape – always a good idea, especially if dresses are to the floor and likely to get stepped on. Be sure to get the instant or temporary kind, not the iron on kind.

• Deodorant – someone may forget, and let’s face it, nervous sweat is even worse than heat sweat. At a summer Southern wedding, you’ll have plenty of both.

• Bobby pins and hair spray – no matter what hairstyle you have chosen for yourself and the attendants, someone is likely to need a touch up. Thanks humidity!

• Band aids and pain reliever – for either physical or mental distress.

• Make up – bring a bag with all your make up for the day for touch ups. Wear water proof mascara. Ask the maid of honor or your mom to keep some pressed powder and your lipstick in their purse, so you can reapply throughout the reception.

• Wet wipes or baby wipes – no matter where you go in life, these will always come in handy.

• Extra panty hose – I really don’t think anyone wears pantyhose anymore. Give a shout out to Spanx! But if you have decided they are part of the required attire, bring spare pairs and some clear nail polish to stop runs.

Putting together this tote of treasures is a great task for one of your bridesmaids to handle. Happy brides can delegate. Rain or shine, planning ahead will keep the outlook clear on your special day.

Image Source: BigStock