How to Make the Cutest Pigs in a Blanket You’ve Ever Seen

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We’ve all had the sausage roll appetizer of pigs in a blanket before, right?

Typically, they’re cute little sausage links rolled up in dough (sometimes even with cheese and jalapeño) and often dipped in a sauce like mustard or the like. And while I enjoy their spicy, crispy, soft, flavorful taste immensely, I can’t help but to think that their name and their appearance are not equally yoked — until now.

With this stinking adorable pigs in a blanket recipe, you can make this sausage roll dish as cute as the name suggests. And, bonus, they’re incredibly tasty.

Cutest Pigs in a Blanket Recipe:


  • dinner roll dough
  • sausage
  • egg wash
  • peppercorns
  • toothpicks
Directions: For directions on how to make this adorable dish, watch the video below.