Dale Earnhardt Jr.’s Dog Has A Lot to Say, We Just Can’t Understand Him

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When Dale Earnhardt Jr. isn’t tearing up a NASCAR track, he’s doing what the rest of us are doing– spending time at home on our couch with our dog desperately trying to figure out what they want us to know.

In a video Dale’s wife, Amy, posted to Instagram, the couple’s dog Gus has some real issues to discuss. Since there’s a lot going on in America right now, we’re guessing it had something to do with healthcare, Russia, Taylor Swift’s whereabouts, or possibly, the ever-increasing number of people everyone knows with a food allergy.

At least, that’s what we think it could’ve been. Whatever it is, he’s very emphatic about it, even putting his hand on Dale’s chest to try to get his point across before giving up and laying down.