Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard Just Asked The Question About Olympic Figure Skating Costumes That People Have Been Pondering For Decades


I grew up in South and have spent my entire life in the South, so I didn’t grow up knowing anybody who did any winter sports competitively. Like, there wasn’t even hockey where I grew up.

And even though I’ve been religiously watching the Olympics my entire life, I still have a lot of questions about some of these sports because– ice. And stuff, you know?

And finally, after years and years, Dax Shepard and Kristen Bell have carefully articulated one of those questions for me about figure skating costumes (and really, gymnast leotards, too).



In a video to Instagram Dax said, “Textbook, giveaways of a wedgie– the fabric is creeping off your butt cheek into your butt crack and these women, the fabric is completely on the outside of the butt cheek. I’m saying that, somehow the outfits are covering their full butts, yet they have a wedgie, which leads me to believe that they’re putting a seam in the crack of their buns to accentuate…”

Kristen tried to clarify, but eventually, Dax got it out, “Are there any seams put in to accentuate the butt crack?”