8 Steps to Degerming a Hotel Room


There’s nothing that brings excitement and dread quite like a hotel room. More often than not, the second you step foot into your rented abode, the fear creeps in– who has been here before? Was that really washed? Should I bleach this myself?

Thanks to Real Simple and Microbiologist Philip M. Tierno, Ph.D., a professor of microbiology at the New York University School of Medicine, in New York City, we now know exactly what to do to feel right at home and less invaded by germs when we visit a hotel.

8 Steps to Degerming a Hotel Room:

  1. Wash your hands immediately.
  2. Spray Lysol on the toilet.
  3. Wash glasses, ice buckets, etc;
  4. Don’t place any belongings on the bed until you’ve inspected it.
  5. Don’t use the bedspread.
  6. Don’t touch the drapes.
  7. Wear socks or slippers at all times.
  8. Before showering, squirt shampoo in the tub and run hot water over it.