Zales Just Introduced A Line Of Disney Princess-Inspired Engagement Rings and They Are Stunning

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There are a million places you can get an engagement ring, but only one that will give you a Disney Princess‘ happily ever after. Zales has released a line of Disney-inspired engagement rings that are downright gorgeous. You will want to add these rings to your Christmas list, even if you aren’t looking to get engaged, are already married, or you just want some fancy jewelry.

They carry a ton of options with jewelry celebrating each princess in a variety of swoon-worthy styles. It’s really hard to look without imagining one on your finger. Forget Neil Lane, they need these on “The Bachelor.”

There’s one for every Princes. And then some.


From the glitzy…

3/4 carat Cinderella

…to the simple

1/2 carat Merida

Both budget-friendly…

1/10 carat Belle for $499

…and extravagant

1 3/4 carat emerald-cut Sno white retailing at $7,999

The videos are only a little bit creepy. Each Disney Princess appears in shadow form, while the narrator says, “… you’ve felt the magic, now it’s time to live the magic. Introducing the Enchanted Disney Fine Jewelry collection… it’s a sure sign that fairy tales really do come true. Happily ever after begins at Zales.”