How To Make A DIY Dyed Table Runner For Any Occasion Or Color Scheme


When I was planning my wedding, I was working against a budget that, like most brides, required me to be choosy on what would be “worth” spending money on. I wanted to pour as much of the budget as possible into the reception, which meant I had to be smart about how we took care of other aspects of the wedding, like decor.

When I decided to try my hand at making my own table runners for our wedding, I had no idea if it was going to work. In fact, I was mentally and emotionally prepared for them to look terrible, but they ended up being one of my favorite details from our wedding. I had some of my bridesmaids over one Saturday, whipped up some Mimosas, and we got to work on the table runners, and it was SO easy.

I designed mine to match our wedding invitations, but depending on your color scheme or occasion, you can choose whatever colors and “design” you like, but the overall process will remain the same regardless!

How To Make DIY Dyed Table Runners:


-White fabric cut into your desired table runner length (I don’t recommend using muslin or any “soft” fabrics like that– I tried and it was a huge fail. Use a plain (read: cheap) cotton fabric instead).
-Fabric dye in your desired colors (I used 3 shades of blue Rit dye)
-Gold or desired accent color acrylic paint (I used a shimmery gold!)
-Small spray bottles
-Dye dropper
-Newspaper or cardboard (to go under the fabric while you dye)

Lay the table runner fabric out on a flat surface. Mix together the fabric dye with a little water in a spray bottle, and test spraying it in an inconspicuous area (or on a test fabric). When you figure out the best method to spray, begin spraying the dye on your fabric, alternating colors as desired. The closer you hold the spray bottle to the fabric, the more visible the “rings” will be.
Using the dye dropper, put dots of dye as desired around the larger spots to create a “splattered” look. To finish it off, grab your “accent” paint and drop a few dots across the table runner as desired. Then, using your finger, spread out the drops into a circle like you’re finger painting.
Let the fabric dry completely before use!