Your Uncle Who Just Got A Mac Edited a Video of President Trump at the G20 Summit and Trump Tweeted It

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One of the most impactful remnants of Steve Jobs’ legacy is that he gave every computer-illiterate would-be auteur a means to both shoot and edit your family vacations into those just-a-minute-too-long short films. In 30 years, a few dozen or so liberal arts colleges will have classes that study these mid-2000s iMovie-produced “Uncle-wave” films. You know the kind. They are typically 60 or so photos copied and pasted into a timeline, all with an auto-generated Ken Burns effect, set to whatever was the song of the summer 7 years ago.

One of the most watched of this subgenre inevitably, will be this one posted (and perhaps produced) by President Donald J. Trump himself.

Trump posted this short, entitled “MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN,” presumably a recap of his attendance at the G20 Summit from last week. In it, we have all the tropes of an iMovie banger: a slideshow of loosely-related photos, some of which have no subject, Ken Burns effect applied with default settings on every photo, and of course jarring, ill-fitting music.

Who produced this masterpiece? Was it a relative of Trump? Or was is it the Commander-In-Chief himself, overcome with boredom after Air Force One’s Wifi went out somewhere over the Atlantic. That remains to be debated for years to come. The only thing we can agree on, is the subgenre has entered the mainstream.