DOs and DONT’s: RV Camping


A fun summer past-time that families have enjoyed for generations is RV camping. There’s something about packing up a small, mobile-house and dragging it along behind you down the interstate that is both thrilling and relaxing. RVs range from pop-up and functional to large and luxurious, but – no matter the size – there are things you absolutely should do and things you just plain shouldn’t do in an RV:

DO: Pack board games, yard games and the like for the whole family to participate in.

The great thing about RV camping is the ample shelter from bad weather, so don’t forget to bring something to entertain the masses if you’re stuck inside.

DON’T: Forget you are CAMPING!

It can be easy to get caught up in the homey feel of the RV and fall in line with regular chores/routines. This is supposed to be vacation, so get out of the air-conditioning and connect with nature.

DO: Keep your space clean and organized.

Although your RV has more room than a tent, a cluttered area can be extremely inconvenient…and fast! Clean up after yourself and try to keep your things packed away neatly to avoid filling up much-needed space.

DON’T: Ignore RV maintenance before, during or after your trip.

Just like a house, keeping up on your RV is vital. Emptying tanks as they fill, checking tires/levels/locks and keeping any regular maintenance up-to-date is crucial to keep your mobile home in working order.

DO: Consider a pop-up shelter to cover your outdoor essentials with.

Almost any camp site you pull into will provide you with three things: a charcoal grill, a fire pit and a picnic table. Investing in a pop-up shelter can be a great idea to keep your picnic bench available even in bad weather. Another great idea is to enclose your shelter with a mosquito net! This way, even if the weather is gorgeous, you can eat your food or play games without unwelcome guests.

DON’T: Leave trash around your site.

When tent camping, people tend to bring a little less as far as items that produce waste; this is because there is less room to put everything. However, an RV gives people the opportunity for trash cans, more food, etc. This being said, don’t be a slob – keep your area clean of trash, bottles and other things on the ground.

DO: Bring means of entertainment for young children.

RVs are great from families traveling with small children. When the young’uns get cranky, lay them down in the A/C with a movie, so you can enjoy yourself later out by a good campfire.

DON’T: Mistake packing or setting up camp for a one person job.

There is a lot that goes into RV camping – from packing up the inside to make sure nothing rattles or falls during travel, to hitching up the camper and backing it into a site. Rely on family and friends to help you with the deeds!

DO: Remember a source of clean water.

Not every RV is equipped with a faucet that supplies fresh drinking water. Don’t forget to pick up some bottled water or a couple gallons of drinking water to drink, brush your teeth, etc.

DON’T: Bypass camping favorites!

Just because you’re staying in a small house on wheels, doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the Eno lifestyle, s’mores, tent camping (yeah, outside your RV!) or explore nature. Get out and make some memories!

DO: Go RV’ing this summer!

If you don’t have an RV or know something with an RV, find a place to rent one out! They’re so much fun, and the family is guaranteed to love every second of it.


Image Source: Big Stock