“Property Brothers'” Drew and Jonathan Scott to Release Children’s Book


It goes without saying that Property Brothers’ Drew and Jonathan Scott are truly men of many talents, but now they are pushing those talents even further with their new children’s picture book!

The book, which will be titled “Builder Brothers: Big Plans,” is set for release this fall according to PEOPLE Magazine, and will tell the tale of two brothers (how cute is that?) working on building a new doghouse for their pups, Gracie and Stewie.

“Knowing how much kids love to make and build things, we decided to write a picture book that would help inspire them to dream big and to dare to try,” Drew said in a release from HarperCollins about the book, which will also include actual DIY plans that a family can work on together. “This venture into the children’s book space is one of the most exciting things we’ve ever taken on.”

“It’s exactly the kind of story we would have loved to read growing up,” added Jonathan. “It’s all about trying to do what seems impossible and succeeding in all sorts of unexpected ways.”

The children’s book release is just one piece of what has been quite a successful publishing run for the brothers, as both their earlier books “Dream Home” and “It Takes Two” quickly became favorites with their fans all across the country.