Drew Scott and Fiancée Linda Phan Share Details of Their Destination Wedding, and It’s Anything But Basic


Drew Scott and his fiancée Linda Phan sure are keeping themselves busy! From Drew appearing on “Dancing With The Stars” to their upcoming show, “Property Brothers: Drew’s Honeymoon House,” to planning their wedding, the two are seemingly doing it all– and now, they’re sharing the details of their upcoming nuptials.

According to People, Drew and Linda are getting married in May, ideally at a historical location– but the actual destination still undecided.

“We’re looking at somewhere where we can chow down on pizza, pasta and gelato,” Phan told People. “Those are the requirements.”

As for Drew, he says that they aren’t “ones to have a basic white wedding.”

“One of the things I love about Linda is that she’s with me in that sense. If I want to wear a gold leotard, I’ll do it,” he said. To each their own, I suppose.

The couple also shared that they want the party to last all night long, so they’ll be providing a midnight snack for their guests, including burgers, fries, and Yorkshire pudding. As for their first dance as a couple, Linda says she feels the pressure. “I don’t know a thing about dance,” she said. “Drew has just had a few intensive months of training!”

The couple also shared that they plan to have kids in the “near future,” and that they would “love to have twins.” In fact, the house they’re renovating apparently has room for four kids.

You can watch along as Drew and Linda renovate their first home together on “Property Brothers: Drew’s Honeymoon House” on HGTV on November 22.