Dyson’s New Hair Dryer Will Blow You Away


Dyson doesn’t exactly conjure images of hair care products when you think of it. The traditional no-bag vacuum manufacturer is mostly known for its lightweight, bag-free vacuums, as well as for fans and high power bathroom hand dryers. So, Dyson surprised us all when it made a leap into the beauty industry with this lightweight blow dryer called the Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer. This little gadget promises to cut your drying time down by a significant amount, and to eliminate that pesky noise associated with the devices.

Yes, you read that right. With the incorporation of one of the smallest motors in blow dryer history, the Supersonic promises to run at frequencies so high that you can’t even hear the noise. This means that conversations with family, friends, and loved ones are finally made possible while you finish up your hair. No more shouting over the sound of the whirring motor. Although we do wonder what would happen if your dog was around for your drying session.

Dyson’s technology means a lighter, quieter, better hair dryer. Its design allows for a more focused jet of air, meaning more power to finish your hair with. And it probably should with a $200 Million development price tag attached. It even includes magnetic attachments which snap on easily to diffuse, smooth, and style your hair.

Sounds pretty impressive. The bad side? It’s $400, which is a pretty hefty price point for a hair dryer, and it’s only just releasing in Japan this month. For the American version you’ll have to wait until September. Until then we’ll just have to speculate as to if people’s pocketbooks can handle such a pricey toy.