Easter/April Fool’s Pranks Are Only For The Cruelest Parents


It has been 63 years since Easter and April Fools have fallen on the same day. It is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to take April Fool’s to the next level, to pull out some old tricks with Easter treats. If you pull off any of these tricks, your child’s trust in you will die and will not resurrect after three days.

Mark Rober, a YouTuber and former NASA engineer came up with an Easter basket full of fun pranks to pull on kids and gave a brief DIY on each on “Jimmy Kimmel Live.”

  1. Fill hollow chocolate candy with vegetables. This requires a little skill, as you have to melt the bottom back onto the candy. It’s a lot of work for a quick laugh. But think of their faces…

     2. Brussel Sprout cake pops. Just dip and cover in sprinkles.

      3. Mayonaisse Cadbury Eggs. Same song, third verse. Cut it open, scoop out the sugar, add thick, room temperature mayo.

I think Jimmy said it best, “What a perfect way to celebrate the resurrection of our Lord.”