Easy, Easier and The Easiest Cranberry Sauce Recipes


Should you kick the can?

I am not quite sure, but I think it might be illegal in many states NOT to serve cranberry sauce at your Thanksgiving dinner. Honestly, it also does a lot to really give the table some much-needed pop of color. Think about it: turkey, dressing, stuffing, and casseroles, they are all very delicious, but not that pretty to look at. So, here are three ways to easily incorporate cranberry sauce into your Thanksgiving menu. They go from easy, easier, to easiest.


Candied Cranberries


1 ½ pounds fresh cranberries

1 cup of sugar

½ cup of water

zest from 1 orange

1 tablespoon of grated fresh ginger


Combine all the ingredients into a saucepan.

Cook it over high heat until the cranberries are candied. This should take about 15 minutes.

Let it cool and serve.

Best when made ahead, refrigerated, and served cold.



Cranberry Sauce


1 cup of white sugar

1 cup of orange juice (no pulp)

12 ounce pack of fresh cranberries


In a medium saucepan, dissolve the sugar and orange juice over medium heat.

Stir in the 12ounce pack of cranberries. Cook them until they start to pop. (Turn the country music down, so you can listen out for this.) This will take about 10 to 12 minutes.

Remove from heat, and transfer to a bowl.

The cranberries sauce will become thicker once it starts to cool down. Serve.


Cranberry Sauce in the Shape of a Log


1 can of cranberry sauce

1 can opener


With the can opener, open the can of cranberry sauce.

Tap the bottom of the can a couple times to loosen the sauce.

Place the circular sauce in a pretty, crystal dish. (I mean it is an occasion and all.)

Slice and serve.

How does your family serve this Thanksgiving staple? Let us know, and Happy Thanksgiving!

Photo Credit: Big Stock Photo