Eat and Listen: Recipes for LeAnn Rimes’ Blue

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In 1996, LeAnn Rimes released her debut album, Blue when she was only 13 years old. I know we all spent long afternoons walking around our backyard with our cassette tape and Walkman listening to this album, right? Well I’m encouraging you now to revisit this piece of ’90s country history. It’s an important moment. Gather your friends around and pop the cassette in the stereo (or pull up Spotify, whichever) and serve these dishes, updated to match the ambience of Blue. And let me tell you, blue food isn’t as common as we all think. (These recipes can be switched out in a pinch for Joni Mitchell’s Blue.)

One Way Ticket Margaritas (Because I Can)

“I’m gonna have my breakfast with pink champagne…”


1 pint tequila (silver works best)

1 can of grapefruit concentrate

1 liter of Sprite Zero or 7-Up Zero

½ bottle of pink champagne



Mix together and combine with ice. Serve with fresh lime slices.

Buffalo Blue Cheese Guacamole with Blue Corn Tortilla Chips

“Blue…oh so lonesome for you.”


3 ripe avocados

1 tbsp mayonnaise

1 tsp salt

1 tsp pepper

1 tsp cumin

1 tbsp chopped onion

2 tbsp chopped cilantro

1 tbsp chopped tomato

1 tsp chopped jalapeno

3 tbsp Blue cheese

Buffalo Sauce (melt hot sauce – I use Frank’s- and butter together over medium heat. Make sure to cool before adding to guacamole.)


Mash avocados and combine mayo. Mix in all ingredients and then fold in Blue cheese. Drizzle with buffalo sauce. Serve with Blue corn tortilla chips.

Cattle Call Southwestern Brisket Tacos

“The cattle are prowling, the coyotes are howling, way out where the doggies roam…”


2-3 lb Brisket



Garlic Powder

Pre-Packaged Slaw

One can of Dr. Pepper (Mr. Pibb WILL work)

½ cup of Mayonnaise

2 tbsp of Sour Cream

Squeeze of Lime

1 tbsp of Sriracha

Flour tortillas


Chopped tomatoes

Choice of cheese


Season the meat with the salt, pepper and garlic powder. Place in your handy-dandy slow cooker, cover with can of Dr. Pepper and leave on low for 8 hours. When the meat is done, remove from slow cooker and let sit for 15 minutes before shredding. While you wait, mix ½ cup of mayo, sour cream, lime and sriracha together (sriracha to taste, some like it spicier than others). Mix with pre-packaged slaw and set aside. Warm tortillas and fill with brisket. Top with sriracha slaw and whatever taco toppings you desire. Finish with Buffalo Blue Cheese Guacamole.

Now, let’s try not to think about her Twitter account. Put pictures of your Blue Listening Party on the Gram and make sure to tweet us! Next up, One Voice (Billy Gilman) Veggie Burgers.

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