Eat & Listen: Luke Bryan


Crash My Party, the album by Luke Bryan, won’t stop turning out the hits. When listening to this album for inspiration, I surprised how many of Luke’s number ones came from this compilation. Such a good summer album!

This is another meal to take to the grill. In fact, all of the recipes will require grill usage. If you don’t feel like lugging the charcoal out, you can always use a grill pan, which is what I do a lot of the time. Just know you won’t have that awesome burnt taste to your burgers that we all crave in the summer. I included a drink recipe, but this meal could be served with some ice cold Coors Light and be just fine. Enjoy!

Crash My Party Trashcan Lemonade

“Baby you can crash my party anytime…”


1 750 mL bottle of Everclear (please adjust to taste and liquor tolerance)

1 can of frozen limeade

1 can frozen lemonade

1 liter of water

2 bags of chopped frozen fruit


The beauty of this drink is that it literally no hassle for the results you’ll get. Drink with caution, because too many cups of this will literally have you crashing random parties that you go to. Combine all ingredients in large pitcher or drink dispenser. (or you could do it spring break style and dump it all into a cooler and just fill your solo cup by dipping it in the lake of trashcan lemonade) Let sit for around an hour to let the fruit de-thaw. Sip by the pool and enjoy!

“Serve It Again” Jack Daniels’ Burgers

“And I said play it again, play it again, play it again…”


1 lb of ground beef

½ cup Jack Daniels’ Whiskey

2 tbsp soy sauce

2 tbsp worchestire

1 tsp brown sugar

1 tsp cayenne pepper

Handful of breadcrumbs

½ cup cheddar cheese


Take your whiskey, soy sauce, worchestire sauce, brown sugar, cayenne, and salt and pepper if you’d like and whisk together to create your marinade. Soak ground beef in the mixture (stick it in the fridge) for a couple of hours. Remove, and discard the leftover marinade. Form patties with the meat and add in the breadcrumbs and cheddar cheese. Throw on the grill until cooked through. Serve on a toasted bun.

Beer in the Headlights Grilled Corn

“I swear I’ve never seen nothing like you anywhere.”


4 cobs of corn

4 tbsp chili powder

4 tbsp Lawry’s season salt

4 tbsp paprika

Garlic powder to taste

1 beer

1 pat of butter, melted


Combine corn, and seasonings in a large bag. Whisk together the melted butter and about ¼ can of beer (just enough to coat everything) and add to the bag. Let sit in bag for a couple of hours, but at least 45 minutes. Heat grill, and throw on corn for a few minutes on each side. Enjoy with your whiskey burgers!

Make any of these recipes? Make sure to comment below with the results!

Image Sources: CMA, BigStock