You Should Be Using More Salt

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You are not using enough salt. That sounds like heresy to say, what with all of the health organizations screaming that our salt-rich diets are killing us, but studies from reputable medical journals (like the New England Journal of Medicine) have proven that too little salt in your diet can cause more health problems than eating too much. So, how should we be eating and cooking with salt?

The word, of course, is moderation. Cutting out entire elements from your diet is not healthy, neither is binging. Studies show that the average amount of salt consumed by Americans per day (4g) is actually in the healthy range. Six grams or more is too much and the Heart Association’s suggestion of 1 gram will actually increase your risk of developing multiple deceases.

Chef Nosrat Samin spent about fifty pages of her book “Salt, Fat, Acid, Heat: Mastering the Elements of Good Cooking” diving into the benefits of salt and how using a smidge more will make your food better and you healthier.