Erin Napier of HGTV’s “Home Town” Announces Pregnancy And Shares Her Heartfelt Struggle With Becoming A Mother


Over the weekend, Erin and Ben Napier of HGTV’s hit show “Home Town,” shared that they’re expecting their first baby with a beautiful maternity photo. As it turns out, Erin is already 7 months pregnant, and she’s sharing her personal story of her journey to motherhood, along with the reason why the couple decided to keep their pregnancy a secret for so long.

In a journal entry on the Laurel Mercantile website, Erin penned her personal story (and struggle) of becoming a mother. She shared everything from how she found out she was pregnant on Mother’s Day to how exactly on year earlier, she had to pray for the desire to be a mother.

“One year earlier, on Mother’s Day 2016, I stood humiliated in the church when our pastor asked that “All women, even those without children, stand up to be honored because all women mother the people in their lives in many ways. Women are gifts that deserve our respect and honor today and everyday. So if you are not a man, please stand.” I cringed, looking around the room at mother after mother, standing without hesitation in their pews. I made eye contact with the 22 year-old college student in awkward solidarity for us, the childless. One of us by design, the other, out of fear. Becoming a mother was my greatest, and most hated fear. It had followed me since I saw the photos illustrating childbirth in my daddy’s medical books at the tender age of 6. I didn’t want to be afraid of it. I wanted to be like the other women in my life who never considered pregnancy something to be feared. I wanted so badly to be brave. That day I felt sorry for myself, with tears on the verge of spilling over as I waited for my undeserved peach-colored rose,” she shared.

Following the service, Erin said she and Ben prayed together like they normally do, only that time, she prayed specifically that her desire to become a mother be stronger than her fear.

“We’ve kept it a secret because it felt too close and too important to share,” she said. “Lately, everything in our life feels like it’s so much, so big, all the time. It’s like looking directly at the sun. You can’t, or it would be too much. And so this one thing, this person who would make us three instead of two, had to be something normal without fuss or fanfare or onesies that say things. It’s the way life goes, the way the family tree changes and grows, and I’m grateful to be part of it, this completely, utterly normal part of life that for so long felt too big and too scary for me to do. Normal has been a luxury.”

She shared that we’ll be able to follow along with her pregnancy journey in Season 2 of “Home Town,” and we can’t wait to hear more!