10 Drugstore Beauty Products Every Woman Should Own


There are a lot of beauty products out there. And we mean a lot. The industry alone generated $56.2 billion in the United States alone last year. With so many options, what do you really need to have? Most of us have opted for the ‘I’ll buy something of everything’ method, but that can quickly clutter your bathroom. So what’s a girl to do? Check out these beauty products we think every woman should own.

10 Products Every Woman Should Own:

1. A good brand of dry shampoo

There’s a reason why this is first on our list. At heart, we’re lazy people, and you probably are too. After all, who wants to redo that hairstyle after you’ve spent all morning fixing it up? Not us. That’s why dry shampoo is an absolute essential for any makeup kit. Spray it on, and enjoy another day of beauty bliss without the extra work.

2. Neutral nail polish

We all jump at the chance to buy those insane colors we find when out shopping with the girls. But when it really comes down to it, you need a classic shade of nail polish. Something that can literally be worn with anything. Skimp on this, and you might find yourself with electric blue nails come the next business meeting.

3. Makeup removal wipes

Makeup is often stubborn, and won’t react to basic cleansing. For this, every woman should have some cheap makeup removal wipes. Great at getting rid of stubborn eye makeup and more, these wipes will be a lifesaver next time you want to wash your face and sleep quickly.

4. Concealer

Not every woman uses concealer, but it can be a huge boon to your makeup kit. Great at covering dark circles, pimples, and every imperfection in between, concealer is often more effective than foundation at evening out skin tone. Some lucky women can get by just wearing concealer and skipping the foundation altogether. Sounds like a pretty sweet deal. Even if you don’t see yourself using concealer on a regular basis, keeping a tube of it handy still might save you from frustrating breakouts.

5. Makeup bag

No, your bathroom drawer doesn’t count. Keep necessities in the bag so that next time an impromptu outing strikes, you’re ready. This shouldn’t be the size of a purse, but rather just big enough to keep your makeup basics in. This doubles as a travel bag whenever you take a trip, saving you on ziplock bags and other wastes. An essential for any woman.

6. Lip color

You don’t have to be a huge fan of lipstick to keep some color in your arsenal. Slightly tinted moisturizers will give your lips a youthful glow without caking them with makeup. Many double as sunscreen in the summer months, or protection from dry, cold, windy conditions in the winter months. This is something everyone should own.

7. Mascara

Mascara can be intimidating to newcomers. Won’t I look like a doll? Actually, not at all. Nothing is simpler than putting on a bit of mascara in the morning, and nothing quite opens your eyes up like it. Take a few dollars and a few minutes to make your eyes your selling piece. You won’t regret it.

8. Facial cleanser

You knew it was coming. With all these products, you do need a dedicated way to get rid of them in the evening. Make sure to buy cleanser that matches your face for the best results. Oily skin types shouldn’t purchase moisturizing facial cleansers designed for dry skin. Instead, opt for something that complements your complexion, and don’t forget to wash every night.

9. Moisturizer

Every woman should have a basic moisturizer. For reviving peeling cuticles, dealing with cracked skin during the winter, and overall health, moisturizer has tons of uses. Whether you enjoy natural oils like coconut, or choose to go with something more basic like hand creme of vaseline, this is one you shouldn’t skip out on.

10. Neutral Eye Shadow

Eyeshadow application is just as intimidating as mascara, but it’s one of the hardest applications to botch. Eye shadow goes on subtly and gently, meaning you can turn almost any mistake into a victory, opening your eyes and giving them some extra pop. Buy a neutral shade that contrasts with your eye color, and you have an easy way to spice up your makeup routine.