Ex-NFL Kicker’s Prom Joke Left Some Laughing And Others Angry

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Jay Feeley, a former NFL Pro-Bowl kicker, sparked a conversation about gun safety and traditional roles when he posted a photo from his daughter’s prom. In the picture, Feeley stood in between his daughter and her date, her boyfriend of over a year, while holding a pistol. Some have said the joke was reckless, while others see it as a harmless expression of a father’s desire to protect his daughter.

And, of course, this all happened on Twitter, the social media page where people show up angry ready to shout. Certainly, the ongoing gun control conversation led some people to be angrier than others. They all seemed to think the single picture was a comprehensive statement on gun legislation and the role of a father in his daughter’s life.

Obviously, a gun isn’t necessary. Feeley knew that and clarified his position.

Even his father, Tom, felt the need to step in.

Loving Dads, particularly in the South are going to stand up for their daughter. They don’t need guns, and simply talking with the boy is enough. But teenage boys are idiots driven by hormones, which any father knows because he was one. He knows exactly what he is protecting his daughter. from