10 of Our Favorite Embroidered Boots for Fall


When you hear the word “embroidered” are you immediately transported back to elementary school? Can you see yourself and your friends standing in line getting ready to leave for the day with your embroidered backpacks. Kind of corny, but definitely served a purpose.

Flash forward several years and boy! Has public opinion of embroidery been changed! These boots are kind of amazing. We pretty much love every single pair! Intricate designs and colors that make us swoon. While there are more than 10 pairs available….we had to pick our favorites, so here ya go! Our ten favorite embroidered boots for fall. Go ahead, take a look. Bet you can’t choose just one either!

The Corral Antique Saddle Wing Boot just screams classic. Classic tan, classic style and that classic stacked heel that is so familiar. If you love tradition, this is your boot!

The Corral Bone Flora Full Stitch Boot is yet another classically styled boot that will make you long for the past. Bold, cream stitching gives a little attitude to this otherwise reserved boot.

Corral Kats Natural Westport Boot is quite possibly my favorite tan boot. The tall shaft lengthens your legs and makes a statement with all that detail.

Fire up your wardrobe with the Old Gringo Nevada Boot. If you want to be noticed, you must have this boot! This boot commands attention!

Have you ever seen anything as lovely as the Old Gringo Gaylarazz Boot? This boot makes my heart flutter. The floral pattern is gorgeous with amazing attention to detail.

Corral Brown Crater Bone Embroidery Boot with it’s distressed leather says, “I’m a little bit country and I’m a little bit rock and roll!”

Ariat Tombstone Boot will bring out your inner wild child. The modern green doesn’t stop on the outside of the boot – it’s lined with the same fun color!

If you aren’t ready for spring, the Old Gringo Sora Boot should do the trick! Is there anything you couldn’t wear with this boot?

Old Gringo Diego Boot traditional western design married with the edginess of super hip turquoise, makes this boot perfect for anyone!

Old Gringo Krusts Boot. Embroidery. Studs. Leather. Crosses. Is there anything else you need or want?