10 of our Favorite Summer Skin Secrets


Summertime means warmer temperatures and higher humidity levels. While most people understand the need to change out their wardrobe, most of us don’t think about changing up our skin care routine to accommodate these factors.

Here are 10 skin secrets to keep your summer skin perfect:

1. Hot water after sun exposure is drying. If you’ve been lying on the beach or by the pool all day chances are your skin is a little dehydrated. Hot water will further dry skin so turn the temperature down. The advantage to this is two-fold, the cooler temps keep pores clear which is key in preventing summer break-outs and as we stated before, will also prevent drying your skin. It’s a win-win.

2. Wear a wide-brim hat. We need all the protection from the summer sun we can get and a hat is just what the doctor ordered. The brim will provide shade for your face to further protect it from the sun, while the rest of the hat will protect your sensitive scalp from burning. Nothing is worse than trying to brush your hair with a sun-burned scalp!

3. Ditch the heavy moisturizer. Remember that humidity means additional moisture in the air. If your moisturizer is too heavy, it may cause your face to be “shiny” and even cause break-outs. A lightweight moisturizer is enough if you feel you need something.

4. Amp up the antioxidants. Antioxidants will naturally increase the skin’s ability to protect itself from the sun. Applied topically, they can help reduce existing sun damage. Taken internally, they work to prevent future damage. Look for an antioxidant-rich gel that won’t clog pores. And, don’t forget your antioxidant-packed fruits that feed skin from the inside out!

5. Sunscreen. The only factor that ages skin more quickly than the sun is cigarette smoking. UVA rays plunge deep beneath the surface of the skin destroying skin-firming collagen. This is what makes skin appear loose, unevenly toned and aged. A broad-spectrum sunscreen is imperative to protect your delicate skin from both aging UVA rays and cancer-causing UVB rays. This is additionally important if you plan to spend time on the water. The water reflects the rays essentially giving you a double whammy.

6. Don’t be sucked into the SPF vortex. Sure sunscreen companies are telling you you need an SPF of 90, but it’s just not necessary. High SPF’s can give you a false sense of security when it’s actually the re-application of sunscreen every couple of hours that works best to prevent sunburn. Besides that, who wants to put chemicals on their skin that are capable of blocking the sun for approximately 900 minutes? Not us.

7. Lay off the skin-lightening products. Lightening products and exposure to the sun do not mix and can cause allergic reactions. To make matters worse, when you expose skin that has been lightened to the sun, it can cause “rebound pigmentation” which is much more difficult to get rid of. Wait for cooler, less sunny months if you plan to lighten.

8. Exfoliate legs prior to shaving. Exfoliating before shaving your legs removes the dry, top layer of skin so your razor doesn’t have to. This translates into a closer shave that will last longer!

9. Tinted moisturizers are your BFF. A tinted moisturizer will be your best friend all summer long! It’s an all-in-one: a light moisturizer, a tiny bit of coverage and a sunscreen – it may be the only product you need!

10. Drink lots of water. Maybe water will actually be your BFF! Drinking lots of water keeps skin hydrated leaving it all glow-y and healthy. And it fills you up so you can stay looking great in those short summer skirts!

These are 10 of our faves, do you have any summer skin tips to share?