16 Stain Removal Hacks Every Girl Needs to Know

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Is there anything worse that getting a stain on your favorite new shirt or pants? We don’t think so, but accidents are going to happen. No matter how careful we are. That’s why a girl needs all the hacks she can get! We give you a solution for 16 of the most common stains there are.

Good luck!

1. Grease stain. Add a can of Coco-Cola to the normal wash cycle and watch the stain disappear!

2. Ink stain. Spritz with hair spray, let sit for a few hours. Run under cold water, gently rubbing the stain. It may take a couple of tries. But it works!

3. Red wine stain. Simply pour white wine over the spot. Voila!

4. Grass stains. Soak in vinegar for 1/2 hour before washing.

5. Red lipstick stains. Dab with a towel soaked in rubbing alcohol.

6. Red pasta sauce. Rub with a mixture of vinegar and water.

7. Coffee stains. Lightly dab with a mixture of rubbing alcohol, egg yolk and water.

8. Spray tan. Peroxide should do the trick! (works on skin too!)

9. Deodorant stains. Run area with a fresh dryer sheet.

10. Sweat stains. Make a paste of 3 aspirin and 2 tablespoons of water, let sit one hour.

11. Blood. Again, peroxide will work! Just pour directly on the stain.

12. Dirt on suede. Rub the crust of a piece of stale bread to remove it.

13. Foundation stains. A little shaving cream applied to the stain prior to washing will remove it.

14. Clothing accidentally tinted pink from your favorite red tee. Add a cup of vinegar to your regular washing cycle in addition to your detergent.

15. Candle wax. Freeze the piece in the freezer, gently scrape frozen wax off with a butter knife.

16. Oil stains from that salad at lunch. Treat spot with corn starch overnight and then wash.

Hope these hacks help!

Photo Credit: Big Stock