13 Best (and Worst) Fashion Trends of 2016

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The year 2016 has been one for reemerging trends.

From chokers, to bomber jackets, to mom jeans, basically everything that’s in style right now has been seen in years past. And while most of them I, admittedly, love there are a few that we really need to say “bye” to before 2017 hits.

Chokers can stay though — just saying.

12 Best (and Worst) Fashion Trends of 2016:


1. Bomber Jackets

These are awesome because they look good on basically everyone, and go with basically everything.


2. Off the Shoulder Tops and Dresses

I’m a big fan of these because they’re not only sleek, but they’re easy to wear and flattering on almost anyone.


3. Tennis Shoes with Jeans

Most of us have been doing this for years because it’s comfy — but it sure does help when it’s on-trend.

4. Chokers

Now, this may be unpopular opinion, but I think these are a sleek addition to any outfit.

5. Dad Hats

These are comfy and cute — what more can you ask for?


6. Joggers

Just like the dad hat, these are comfy and cute.

9. Mom Jean

Don’t disrespect the mom jean.


1. Unicorn-Shaped Things

Selfishly, I would love to see these stay in style for years to come, but let’s be honest…


1. Fur Slippers

These are bad because people have started wearing them out.

2. Lace Up Bodysuits

Honestly, I love the way these look, but they’re literally the most uncomfortable things in the world.

3. Slips Over Shirts

This is too old school. It reminds me of Jennifer Aniston in “Picture Perfect.”

4. Pants Suits

These look fine, but they’re uncomfortable and 100% of the time, expensive.


5. Emoji-Printed Things

These are just tacky, honestly.