21 Tips That Will Help You Look Perfect in Every Group Photo

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The holidays are fast approaching and you know what that means? Families will be gathering together and there is always one “photographer” in the group who wants a family photo. While this may be the least favorite part of any holiday celebration, it doesn’t stop it from happening. And let’s face it, there comes a time when we are all thankful for chronic group gatherer, photo-snapper.

If you are like me and pretty much always strongly dislike the way you look in pictures, these easy tips will help you stop running from the camera and instead smiling and saying, “Blake Shelton.”

21 Tips That Will Help You Look Perfect in Every Group Photo:

1. Long-wearing makeup is a must for these days.

For whatever reason, no one ever wants to take the group photo early in the day. It’s always several hours later when everyone looks the worst. Long-wear makeup solves this problem because it stays in place keeping you looking fresh for several hours.

2. Wear accessories.

Adding a simple necklace and earrings or a pretty scarf adds a degree of style that just makes you look better.

3. Avoid the shimmer.

Don’t wear cosmetics with a shimmery finish. It will make you look oily and shiny.

4. Moisturize your lips prior to applying lipstick.

This tip prevents that dry, cakey look that is unappealing.

5. Smile with your eyes and your mouth.

This is supposed to be fun, remember?

6. Avoid large, bold prints or patterns.

Everyone’s eye will be drawn immediately to you.

7. Make sure the photographer places the camera slightly above eye level.

This helps prevent that awful, unintentional double chin.

8. Choose an outfit that is flattering.

I try to select an ensemble that I know looks good on me so I am confident when it’s picture time.

9. Wash and dry your hair.

Really, your hair should be clean.

10. Choose a flattering neckline.

This is super important if the photos are going to be shot very close.

11. Black is universally slimming.

Obviously, you don’t want to show up to Thanksgiving dinner looking goth, but black or shades of deep gray will shave pounds off.

12. Wear your hair in a flattering style.

Some people look really great with their hair pulled straight back, others don’t. Know what style makes the most of your face and go with it.

13. Make sure your hair is not stiff.

Don’t use gale-force hold hairspray or your hair may look fake and stiff.

14. Use face powder.

Set your foundations with a powder to reduce the chance of shine.

15. Lipstick should be a medium shade.

Don’t wear anything that is too dark or it will make your lips look thin. But if it’s too light, you could look washed out.

16. Don’t use a glittery lipstick.

Stick with a cream formula.

17. Pick one: Accent your eyes or your lips, but not both.

18. Use a foundation with a matte finish.

Picture day is not the day to try that new dewey finish. It may look shiny or worse, it could wear off quickly.

19. Avoid white or cream near your face.

While we love a gorgeous winter white, if you wear it near your face in photos, it will wash you out.

20. Avoid oversized scarves or turtlenecks.

Even if you don’t have a double chin, these two things always seen to create one.

21. The hand-on-hip trick works.

College girls have known this for years, but this trick works. The pose is flattering because it not only gives your waistline more definition, it forces you to turn slightly to the side which is much better than a straight on shot.

We hope these tips help!