3 Easy Tips For Making Your Denim Last Longer


Anyone who knows me knows I basically live in my black skinny jeans. I have more denim from Old Navy than is socially acceptable, and I’ve spent so far too much money on skinny jeans that “I swear are different than that last pair I bought.” I can’t help it. But hey, there are worse things I could be hoarding, so let’s count it as a win and move on.

If you’re a fellow dark-jean lover like me, you know that it can be really hard to keep them from fading– black turns to grey, dark blue turns to light blue, and the rest of the clothes in your wash start looking dingy. Good Housekeeping’s Lori Bergamotto was recently on “Good Morning America” sharing the latest and greatest in denim innovations (or, denim-vations…sorry, I’ll see myself out) and she shared three expert tips for keeping your jeans from fading.

Lori Bergamotto’s 3 Tips For Long-Lasting Denim:

Tip 1: Wash your jeans in cold water.

Washing your jeans in cold water will help extend their life and keep the dyes from running. Be sure you’re always washing your denim together, too, and not mixing in any lights or whites.

Tip 2: Wash them inside out.

Lori recommends flipping your jeans inside out before throwing them in the wash. This helps the jeans get washed where they really need to be washed, and will help keep the dye on your denim from being stripped by the harsh water.

Tip 3: Get a detergent for dark fabrics.

Lori shared that buying a detergent made specifically for dark fabrics helps combat the chlorine in water, which is what causes jeans to fade.

According to Lori, it’s always best to buy a denim that is made to last– as far as new innovations in denim go, Old Navy’s Rockstar denim is double-dyed and, according to Lori herself, can be washed up to 20 times without fading. Gap also has an “indestructible” denim that Robin Roberts couldn’t even rip, so you know it’s sturdy.

She also shared that there’s a new kid’s denim from Lands End that has an “Iron Knee,” which is basically a reinforced patch so the knees are extra durable. What a time to be alive!