3 Poses That Solve The Awkward Hand Problem in Photographs

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With the holidays fast approaching, you are bound to have your photo taken at least once. Though we bet it will probably be much more than that. While there are plenty of problems associated with having your photo taken, the one that gets us every time is ‘what in the world are you supposed to do with your hands?’ Are they supposed to just hang there? Do you put them behind your back? Do you shove them into your pocket? Where do they go? It’s enough to make a girl lose her mind.

To help you look more photogenic in your photos, we found 3 poses that position your hands perfectly eliminating awkward photos.

1. Hand on Hip

Yes, we know this the choice of most teens, but they really are on to something. Not only does it define your waistline, if helps you relax making you come across as very poised. In this photo, Karen Fairchild is a perfect example.

A variation is double hands on hips. Just make sure you angle slightly away from the camera.

I used to be punk rock (and other white lies). #cmafest

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2. Hands in Pockets

This may be our favorite pose. The only thing you have to watch for is putting your hands too deep in your pockets. This creates a new problem, awkward bulk. You will also need to lean slightly to one side with the majority of your weight on one foot.

A variation of this pose is to hook your thumbs on the pockets or belt loops.



3. Hands Lightly Crossed in Front

This pose brings out your vulnerability and is beautiful. It softens everything about the photo without looking super posed.

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