4 Steps to Perfecting the Country Girl Look

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We all know at least one country girl and are envious of her effortless style. She’s a classic and we want to emulate her. While the look appears simple, there is more to it. In our opinion the “more” is her carefree and free-spirited attitude towards life. Being a country girl is an attitude and a way of life!

We will keep it simple and focus on the four basic pieces that make up the look of a classic country girl:

1. Shirt. The country girl isn’t in to frills and fly-by-night trends. She keeps things classic and loves a soft graphic tee or tank top. Depending on the weather, she will add layers of a plaid shirt or denim jacket. A girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta do!

2. Jeans. A country girl isn’t a country girl without her blue jeans! She has at least one pair of each color and style. She will rock a skinny, a boot cut and boyfriend and maybe even all in one day. You want to be a classic country girl? You’ve got to have multiple pairs of jeans. Bonus points for tucking in your cowgirl boots.

3. Accessories. These are an unstated part of the country girl’s attire. She’s riding horses, working on the farm or four-wheeling so large pieces of jewelry just won’t do! This doesn’t mean she doesn’t love an assortment of baubles, she just keeps it simple.

4. Boots. The final part is the defining piece of a classic country girl. Cowboy boots. The country girl lives in her boots. And much like her jeans, she owns multiple pairs. A classic western, a fancy pair and even a short pair are staples in her boot wardrobe. With many, many more. She is of the opinion that a girl can never have too many boots. We whole-heartedly agree with this smart girl.

We hope you found a little country girl style inspiration to bring out the country girl that lives inside all of us!