5 Boots Every Guy Will Want For the New Year



We know guys love cowboy boots and why not? They are truly American classics that have been around for decades and don’t appear to be going anywhere anytime soon. So what boots are going to be hot going into the New Year? The trend for men’s boots will be more traditional than in recent years. Look for old western styling in cowboy boots and simplicity in work boots.

5 Boots Every Guy Will Want for the New Year:

1. Saigets Worn Goat Cowboy Boot by Tony Lama

Why he will like it: It’s just cool. It’s a classic western boot that can be worn every day.

2. Calvary by Frye

Why he will like it: A Frye boot is an instant classic. And you can’t wear it out.

3. Distressed Chocolate Inlay Boot by Corral

Why he will like it: How could you NOT like this boot! The attention to detail makes it awesome.

4. Wellington Boot by Wolverine

Why he will like it: This boot is for the real guy. It’s a work boot, but it looks good too.

5. Dan Post Sidewinders 

Why he will like them: They utilize goat leather for extreme durability and softness–a combination not often found in cowboy boots.