5 Elvis Boots That Will Make You Want to Wear Blue Suede


Not only did Elvis have dance moves that rocked the world, the guy had a sense of style like no other. And it didn’t matter what he was doing — performing on stage or the silver screen or just hanging around Graceland with Priscilla, Elvis was dressed to impress. While you may no want to dress exactly like the King of Rock ‘n’ Roll, you can get the same cool look that he was known for with one of these blue suede boots.

5 Elvis Boots That Will Make You Want to Wear Blue Suede: 

1. Elvis the King Boot

This show-stopping Elvis the King Boot features a beautiful, studded American eagle that is inspired by Elvis’ famous cape from his 1973 Aloha From Hawaii concert. The lush details and stunning bling capture the true essence of who Elvis really was.

2. Elvis Viva Harness Boot

This Elvis Viva Harness boot may be short on height but it is not short on style. Stunning blue suede is accented with a studded harness, wrapped straps and gold studs making this boot all about rock ‘n’ roll that Elvis made so famous.

3. Elvis Graceland Boot

Get all shook up with the Elvis Graceland Boot. This boot lavishly styled boot is reminiscent of Elvis’ home with gold and ruby accents. The snip toe gives the boot a modern feel to the vintage white crackle leather.

4. Elvis Tupelo Boot

The Elvis Tupelo Boot is filled with pure Elvis roots and nothing says Elvis like blue suede, fringe and gold studs. This boot is a true American icon much the artist it is inspired by.

5. Elvis Rockabilly Boot

The simplicity of the Elvis Rockabilly Boot is what makes it so intriguing. If you are a fan of Elvis and blue suede, you need this boot.

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Image Source: Country Outfitter