5 Mistakes You Are Probably Making That Are Ruining Your Jeans


Every girl knows it is no small feat to find the perfect pair of jeans. It’s a real-life struggle and when you do finally find that pair, you want them to last as long as possible. But did you know that even washing your jeans in the wrong manner can take the life right out of them? It’s true!

To help you keep your jeans in tip-top shape, we put together a short list of things that are ruining them.

5 Mistakes You Are Probably Making That Are Ruining Your Jeans:

1. You are drying them in the dryer.

The heat from the dryer breaks down the cotton fibers causing them to wear out more quickly.

2. You wash them every time you wear them.

You really don’t have to wash them every single time. If they are super dirty, by all means, wash those babies. But if you just wore them out for the evening, just spruce them up a bit before you wear them again.

3. You don’t wash them inside out.

To protect that lovely wash you fell in love with, wash your jeans inside out. They won’t fade as quickly.

4. You hang your jeans instead of folding them.

Believe it or not, leaving your jeans hanging for an extended amount of time stretches them and breaks the fibers. Fold them to keep looking great.

5. You didn’t add vinegar to the washer when you washed them.

Adding vinegar to the water before you wash them will help lock the deep color in. It’s easy and works.

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Image Source: Country Outfitter