5 Style Tricks to Steal From Your Boyfriend’s Closet


Cool Southern chicks know that denim and leather aren’t just for the boys. Chances are, you’ve already got a rockin’ pair of leather boots sitting in your closet for those days when you want to let your inner cowgirl hoot and holler—or you just want to channel some authentic grit. Having that swagger doesn’t mean looking like a tomboy, though. Here are five items from a classic Western man’s wardrobe that you can swipe for your own closet, whether your style is super girly or basic and relaxed.

1. Boots

Ok, so you might not want to literally grab these out of your guy’s closet, but Western-style footwear is a quick and easy way to add some personality to your look. If you’re on your way to a party on a Saturday night, a great pair of cowboy-style boots can ground a feminine dress. For work or more formal occasions, look for a more fitted riding boot style to pair with sophisticated shapes. Dressed down for a quick errand? Try tucking your jeans into your boots.

2. Button-Down Shirts

They’re classic. They’re easy. They’re always right. Pair a great button-down with jeans and boots for timeless style. Throw on a long skirt underneath a fitted shirt for a romantic country style. Add some super-cute jewelry to keep the look feminine. Knot it at the waist to further “feminize” the look.

3. Statement Belts

This is the one go-to accessory every cowboy or cowgirl needs to have. You can add a great belt to any outfit for an instant style lift. You can dress up a pair of jeans with one, or you can also try one over a skirt for some country flair. As a general rule, keep it in proportion—if you’re very petite, look for a narrower belt with a smaller buckle. If you’re taller, try a wider belt.

4. Hats

A cowboy-style hat can add a dash of country-inspired fun to an outfit, but don’t grab the ten-gallon hat from that Halloween sale. Try a felt one in the winter with a cute coat. In the summer, a boyish straw hat is a great topper for a relaxed look. Leave your hair softly styled to add a feminine finish.

5. Fringe

A touch of fringe can give any outfit some cowgirl swagger. If you want to make a subtle statement, look for fringed boots. A fringed tee or skirt is a bolder way to embrace the look. A fringed bag is a great way to incorporate the style into a variety of outfits.