5 Ways Your Outfit Can Disguise a Muffin Top


I don’t know about you, but this is the time of year I begin to notice a bit of muffin top. (Okay, a lot of one!) But I don’t get too uptight about it. After all, it’s the holidays and with the national average weight gain of around 7 pounds, a little muffin top isn’t going to be the end of the world. But that doesn’t mean I want to display it for the world to see. I would rather hide it until I can get rid of it.

Camouflaging a little extra weight around the middle is easy. All it takes is a little fashion know-how.

5 Ways Your Outfit Can Disguise a Muffin Top:

1. Wear a high-waisted jean. 

It doesn’t have to be a mom jean per se, but you definitely want to steer clear of those low-waisted ones.

2. Long, flowy tops are your friend. 

These babies can cover a multitude of holiday treats. Just make sure they aren’t clingy. Clingy accentuates every bump and curve you may have.

3. Make sure your clothing has some stretch.

The reason we get muffin tops in the first place is because our pants are too tight and unforgiving. If your pants are too tight and not stretchy, the result is not a pretty one. Give yourself some wiggle room.

4. Be honest with yourself.

Be honest and forgiving. It may be time to part ways with some clothes that just don’t fit like they used to. Our bodies are constantly changing and shifting (as in downward) so we may not gain pounds, but things move. Be honest and let go if you need to. It’s actually quite liberating!

5. Invest in body-shaping undergarments.

Not necessarily something as extreme as Spanx, but something that smooths out the bumps and gives you a sleek silhouette.

Image Source: Big Stock