6 Cheap Nail Polish Brands that Actually Work

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Nail polish trends change almost as fast as you can say (or use) “a bottle of nail polish.” Before all is said and done, you’ve probably spent way too much money on buying a new nail polish color for every season and every passing trend.

Well, I’m not here to tell you to stop, I’m simply here to tell you to buy wiser. Instead of spending eight to 20 dollars on one bottle of polish, try purchasing these one to two dollar bottles that work just as well as their high-end counterparts.

6 Cheap Nail Polish Brands that Actually Work:

1. Sinful Colors

At $2.00 a pop, these nail polishes come in an insanely wide variety of colors, they don’t streak when you put them on and they’re long-lasting — win, win, win.

2. China Glaze

These polishes come with a shiny top coat, so you can get glazed-looking nails. They are also incredibly smooth and easy to apply.

3. Pure Ice

This polish is super inexpensive, beautiful and it’s available at Walmart, so it’s super accessible.

4. NYC Color

This polish isn’t only great because it’s only $1.89 per bottle, but it’s also incredibly long-lasting and goes days without chipping even on the most active hands.

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5. Essence

This polish is incredibly easy and smooth to apply. It also is incredibly long-lasting and comes in a beautiful array of colors.

6. Sally Hansen

This brand of polish comes in a variety of different types like Insta-Dry, Salon Manicure and Miracle Gel, so you can choose what kind of finish you would like to have on your nails. They are all very durable and come in a wide variety of colors.

Image Source: Instagram