6 Gorgeous Embroidered Boots You Won’t Be Able to Live Without


If the term embroidered makes you think of a wall-hanging at your grandmother’s house, it time to think again. Embroidered boots are making a huge comeback and we couldn’t be more excited about it. The intricate designs are stunning and add additional appeal to an already gorgeous boot.

6 Gorgeous Embroidered Boots You Won’t Be Able to Live Without:

1. Corral Crater Bone Embroidered Boot

Don’t you just love how the whimsical stitching pops against the vintage, brown leather? These boots are what we like to call an updated neutral and can be worn with virtually anything in your closet.

2. Circle G Distressed Filigree Boot

Wear this boot only if you want to turn heads. The distressed leather serves as a stunning backdrop for fancy embroidered filigree designs.

3. Eight Second Angel’s Cheyenne Boot

The unique embroidered starburst design on the front and back make this boot a show stopper.

4. Corral Antique Saddle Wing Boot

This boot just screams classic but with the modern twist of an embroidered set of wings that really set this boot off. Classic tan, classic style and that classic stacked heel that is so familiar. If you love tradition, this is your boot!


5. Old Gringo’s Nevada Boot

Fire up your wardrobe with the Old Gringo Nevada Boot. If you want to be noticed, you must have this boot! This boot commands attention!

6. Old Gringo Diego Boot

This Old Gringo Diego Boot marries traditional western design with the edginess of super hip turquoise, making this boot perfect for anyone!

Image Source: Country Outfitter