6 Tips to Make Sweaters Last Forever

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Fall has officially arrived which means it’s time to start pulling those sweaters out of storage. Although sweaters are typically a heavy-weight article of clothing, tend to be on the high maintenance side. Caring for your sweaters isn’t as easy as a simple toss in the washer and dryer, they require more TLC if you want them to look great for a few years.

So how does one care for their sweaters?

1. Fold them. Never hang your sweaters on hangers. Not only will they stretch to almost unrecognizable proportions, you’ll get those awkward hanger bumps on the shoulders. Those aren’t flattering for anyone.

2. Remove pills regularly. We know, this is a pain. But trust us, this will extend the life and appearance of your favorite sweater. If you have the patience of Job, you can do it by hand. If you are like us, purchase a sweater shaver to make the job much easier.

3. Repair snags quickly. If you really love a sweater and it gets a snag, repair it immediately. Left to it’s own demise, it will single handedly destroy the entire sweater!

4. Hand wash them. We told you they were high maintenance. But hand washing or washing on the delicate cycle in a delicates bag will keep the fibers from breaking down so quickly.

5. Dry flat. Don’t wring them, this also breaks the fibers down. Instead, roll them inside a towel and wring the towel to remove excess water. Dry flat away from direct sunlight.

6. Store carefully. When it is time to put them back in storage, don’t add moth balls. The smell is difficult to remove (especially when hand washing!) and unpleasant. Make sure you wash and dry thoroughly before packing them away for the warmer months.

These simple tips should help your favorite sweater last forever. Well, almost!


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