7 Boots Perfect for Carrie Underwood’s Baby Isaiah


We were thrilled when we heard the news that Carrie Underwood’s baby boy had been born! Our first thought was, “that is going to be one good-looking kid” and our second thought was, “he is going to need boots!”

Here are 7 pairs of boots we think are perfect for baby Isaiah Michael Fisher:


1. Ugg Infant Purl in Ivory

This may be on of the cutest boots we have ever seen and perfect for teeny infant Isaiah. Super soft and in a neutral color that will go with everything in his baby wardrobe.


2. Ugg Caden in Camo

Baby Isaiah will no doubt be a trend-setter much like his mom, so this camouflage bootie is a must!


3. Ugg Baby Bixbee

When your dad plays hockey, you spend a lot of time in cold ice arenas. He’s going to need these to keep his baby toes warm while cheering on dad.


4. Durango Union Flag Boot

He won’t be an infant forever and will soon graduate to a toddler boot. This boot is perfect because we all know he will be an all-American boy!





5. Ariat Heritage Boot

When your mom is a country music super star, you’ve got to have a pair of classic cowboy boots in your closet. I mean, what do you think he will wear to all those concerts?


6. Ugg Orin Boot

Isaiah probably won’t be working on a farm anytime soon, but he’s going to want to look the part. These Ugg work boots are perfect!


7. Frye Classic Harness Boot

Everyone needs a classic Frye Harness boot in their boot wardrobe. Isaiah will be be able to wear this boot until he grows out of it, which will be just in time to pass it along to Fisher baby #2!


Photo Credit: Carrie Underwood’s Twitter/MJ Photos/PR Photos