7 Fashion Trends We Are Glad Disappeared


Fashion is a vicious beast that changes with the wind. However, this is a good thing because sometimes we fall victim to some really awful fads. This is why we really need to take stock of fashion that has gone awry and try not to repeat the mistakes. You know as well as we do, fashion recycles itself every 20 years or so. While you may not have been smart or mature enough to not partake the first time around, you have no excuse the second time.

Let’s take a look at seven trends we are happy to report are no longer seen as fashionable.

1. Scrunchies. These seemed like such a great idea at the time. They are soft, hold your hair without damaging it and came in a variety of colors. But there is never a reason to wear these any longer. Enough is enough. Please, just stop.

2. 1980’s workout attire. Whoever thought a thong onsie with a lace sash and matching headband made for great workout wear, clearly never worked out. We won’t even mention her full face of makeup.

3. Parachute pants. What are parachute pants anyway? Were they made from parachutes? Were they to be worn while parachuting? We aren’t sure, we are just glad they are gone!

4. Jelly shoes. We are so glad to see this fad is gone. Between the foul smell and the horrific blisters, we really don’t understand how they remained a trend for as long as they did!

5. Acid-washed jeans. Who do you think got the bright idea to wash blue jeans in an acid bath? And who was the first person to agree to put them on? Weren’t attractive then, aren’t attractive now.

6. Red leather jackets. Or anything red leather actually. Michael Jackson is to blame for this fad as is the break dance movement of 1983. We aren’t sure why people think that what looks good in a music video will look good on a normal person living a normal life.

7. Big hair. This is the only stock photo we could find of big hair, but we know for a fact there was hair much bigger than this that qualified for it’s own zip code. Again, we are glad this fad is gone, and the ozone is glad too!

BONUS: We are also glad the Madonna inspired looks are gone. See the above reference to music videos. Particularly music videos from the 1980’s.

Photo Credit: Hey Paul Studios via Compfight cc/Big Stock Photo