7 Manicures For Every Mood

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Manicures are an extension of who we are and can even channel the mood we are in. We found these 7 manicures to try no matter what your mood may be:

1. Happy. This glittery mani is perfect when you are feeling particularly happy. Or if you want to get happy. Who can’t smile when seeing a swipe of golden glitter across your nails?

2. Blue. It’s okay to admit that sometimes you are feeling a little blue. This sparkly blue manicure will suit you perfectly.

3. Girly. Yes, it’s a mood. And if you are feeling this way, you need a girly manicure complete with hearts, polk dots, stripes and flowers!

4. Wild. Feeling a little wild? You need an animal print manicure in bold colors!


5. Amorous. If the love bug has bitten, you will love this red, white and sparkly manicure!

6. Grouchy. Yep, sometimes we are just grouchy and the matte black mani is the one for you! We like the inclusion of the single nail with a pretty design because bad moods can’t last forever, right?

7. Cabin fever. Okay, so this one really isn’t a mood. It’s more of a condition. But if there is lots of snow on the ground or temperatures are barely above zero, you’re going to need something to do to take your mind off of being stuck in the house!

VIDEO: This is what you will find yourself doing when suffering from cabin fever. Yes, these nails are hand done! (At least the finished product is a pretty one!)

Photo Credit: Instagram/@carolynjarrettbrun,  @carine_perez, @colourgossipnails, @sacchoco23, @thenailstash, @janawarnke