7 Things You Should Definitely Buy Yourself for Valentine’s Day


I’ve only had an actual Valentine on Valentine’s day a handful of times, but that doesn’t mean I haven’t treated myself to more than a few Valentine’s Day gifts. Like Donna on “Parks and Rec” always says, “treat yo’ self!”

7 Things You Should Definitely Buy Yourself for Valentine’s Day:

1. Mint Paisley Monogram Initial Bracelet

There’s no greater gift a lady can give to herself than the gift of her own monogram. It’s a good reminder of just how fabulous you are and who are you.


2. Jewelry Junkie Double Strand Genuine Turquoise Beaded Bracelet

Feathers are so in right now and turquoise jewelry is classic, this bracelet is the perfect pairing.


3. Day & Mood Women’s Unica Braided Bag

Gifting yourself a new bag is truly the gift that keeps on giving. Plus, you can carry around all of the other treats you give yourself.

4. Frye Melissa Bucket

This bag is in an investment in your future and your handbag collection. This Frye bags is so well constructed it will last you for a decade or four. Not to mention, it’s about as stylish as you can get.


5. Lacie Girl Women’s Blanket Scarf

Once you wear a blanket around for a day in the winter, you won’t go back. The Lacie Girl Women’s Blanket Scarf is a dual-purpose gift, as you’re giving the gifts of warmth and style.

6. Lovoda Aztec Blanket Scarf

When it’s approximately no degrees outside, one blanket scarf is never enough.


7. Jill-E Designs Laptop Backpack

I know what you’re thinking, but backpacks aren’t just for middle schoolers anymore. Especially backpacks that look as good as the Jill-E Designs Hemingway laptop backpack.

Image source: Country Outfitter