8 Lazy Beauty Hacks That Will Drastically Improve Your Morning Routine

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Getting ready in the
morning can be a total pain — especially if you’re perpetually late like me.

But, by incorporating these eight beauty hacks into your morning (or anytime) routine, you will not only speed up the process, but you’ll also experience better, cleaner, more satisfying results.

And you’ll probably also get more
beauty sleep — hallelujah.

8 Lazy Beauty Hacks That Will Drastically Improve Your Morning Routine:

1. Turn your daytime eyeshadow into nighttime eyeshadow with one simple trick.

All you need is eyedrops!

2. Use makeup setting spray to maintain a fresh makeup look all day.

3. Create the perfect winged eyeliner with the help of a small piece of surgical tape.

4. Learn how to create the easiest up do to ever exist.

No hairbands, pins or clips required!

5. Use a shower comb to make getting rid of tangles a little easier.

If you run the comb through your hair after applying conditioner, eliminating tangles is
so easy.

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6. Speed up the nail-drying process with the help of a bowl of cold water.

7. Use a silicone potholder to clean your makeup brushes.

8. Start using a spoon in your beauty routine.