8 Graphic Tees Every Southern Girl Should Own


Every girl loves a great graphic tee, especially one that speaks her mind for her! We chose eight of our favorites that you need to own as soon as possible!

Die with Your Boots on. Pretty sure this is the dream of every country girl!

Wilder than any 8 second ride. We all know at least one girl who needs this tee. P.S. We won’t tell if you order it for yourself!

Dang hen party tee. If you grew up in the South, you know exactly what a hen party is. You and all your “chicks” get together and talk for hours. Yeah, you need this tee.

Raise a little h*ll tee. Raise your hand (or your glass!) if you agree Southern girls do this best!

Barrel racing graphic tee. If you love barrel racing, this tee is a must. Everyone needs to know what the true love of your life is.

Hot dang mess graphic tee. You are a hot mess and you know it. Be proud, wear this tee!

Ain’t my first rodeo. Southern girls have been around the block a time or two. Make sure everyone knows they can’t pull one over on you!

‘Merica graphic tee. If there is one thing you can say about a Southern girl, it would be that she is very patriotic and loves her country!