8 Pieces of Bullet Jewelry Every Girl Needs in Her Life


There is jewelry and there is bullet jewelry. If country roots run deep in the core of who you are (or you just like bullet jewelry!) this is for you. We found pieces of all types made with bullets and we can’t get enough of it!

8 Pieces of Bullet Jewelry Every Girl Needs in Her Life: 

1. Stud Earrings

Why wear boring studs when you can bullet studs by Ricochet Rounds?

2. Birthstone Jewelry

This 9mm bullet pendant necklace by Trigger Designs has gifting potential written all over it.

3. Bullet Ring

This wire wrap bullet ring by Scarlett Sage Designs is sure to be a conversation piece!


4. Statement Necklace

No, not that kind of statement necklace. This kind by Jill’s Jewels that tells the world just where you stand.

5. Charm Bracelet

For anyone who is a true country girl at heart, this bullet charm bracelet by G’Listen Up! is the perfect wrist candy.

6. Unique Necklace

Every girl needs a necklace that stands out in a crowd. This winged-heart bullet necklace by SureShot Jewels is the perfect way to let your sense of fashion fly!

7. Dangle Earrings

While every girl needs a pair of stud earrings, she also needs a pair of dangle earrings. We love these bullet dangles by SureShot Jewelry that are accented with deer antlers. How cute are these?

8. Belt Buckle

Okay, so technically this isn’t jewelry. But it is an accessory and it is one of the prettiest things we’ve ever seen! This stunning bullet and crystal buckle by Pretty Hunter is a piece you will be able to pass down to your daughters.

Image Source: Country Outfitter