8 Ways to Wear Your Favorite Cowboy Boots


In recent years, cowboy boots have burst onto the fashion scene with everyone from the average Joe to Gisele wearing them. It used to be they were only worn with jeans and a t-shirt but as they grow in popularity, they are being worn with just about anything. We decided to see what we could find on Instagram and guess what? Y’all have a great sense of cowboy boot fashion!

Pair Your Cowboy Boots with a Dress

An ornate pair of boots with a dress is one of our very faves. This look is good for almost anyone and lets you show off your awesome boots!

With a Pair of Jeans

Weren’t jeans made FOR cowboy boots? Okay – maybe that’s pushing it, but they are a perfect match. The best part is, no matter what style jean you choose, boots always look great!

With Denim Cut-Offs

Think Daisy Dukes here. This is the perfect look for summer. Pair with you favorite graphic t-shirt and you are set!

Over a Pair of Leggings or Tights

Casual, lazy days are perfect days for leggings or tights. Add a comfy sweater and you are ready for anything.

Matched with a denim jacket

Just like peanut butter and jelly were made for each other, so were denim and cowboy boots. Throw a denim jacket over a lace dress, add a pair of boots, accessorize and BAM! Match made in heaven.


Mad for Plaid

Next to denim, plaid is the “go-to” look with cowboy boots. Love how these girls have defined their individual personalities while dressing similar!

Photo Credit: Instagram User/ hockeychic07

With a Pop of Color

This is the time to be daring! Brightly colored cowboy boots are a fun way to add pizazz to an otherwise dull outfit.

With a Friend

This is THE best way possible!


What is your favorite way to wear cowboy boots?