9 Best Pieces of Bullet Jewelry We’ve Ever Seen


Bullet jewelry is the hot trend in accessories these days. One reason it has attained star status is because country music superstar Miranda Lambert has professed a bullet necklace as her favorite piece. While there is a lot of it to choose from out there, we wanted to find pieces with their own unique spin and a little different from the norm. This is what we found —

9 Best Pieces of Bullet Jewelry We’ve Ever Seen:

1. Winged Heart Necklace

We love this winged heart bullet necklace for the girl with a little bit edginess to her.


2. Shot Through the Heart Necklace

This unique piece pairs a bullet and a silver heart which is surprisingly romantic.

3. Bullet Hoop Earrings

These intricate bullet dangles are stunning with spent shells and a lot of silver.



4. Statement Necklace

Make a statement with this cool piece from Sure Shot.


5. Belly Button Rings

Belly button rings continue to grow in popularity because they becoming so unique. We love this one that pairs bullets with deer antlers — and your choice of stone color!

6. Bling Ring

Bling and a bullet. We love this combination for the girly girl who still loves her country roots.

7. Boot Bling

Bullet boot bling? Yes, please! This is such a fun piece of jewelry, we couldn’t resist including it!


8. Bullet Bracelet

How cute is this “Flower Power” bracelet? This bracelet will make any outfit a real winner.

9. Bullet Cuff Bracelet

Cuff bracelets are super hot right now as the base of stacking bracelets. Every girl needs one and this is a great one to start with!

Image Source: Country Outfitter