9 Summer Fashion Trends Your Boyfriend Secretly Hates


Your boyfriend loves you for more than what you wear (or he should!) which is why he won’t always tell you when he hates something you have on. He keeps these little secrets to himself while trying to make sense of some of the things you choose to wear.

While he may hate these fashion statements, you wear them anyway! Because after all, he loves you for more than your incredible sense of style, right?

9 Summer Fashion Trends Your Boyfriend Secretly Hates:

1. High-wasted Shorts

These shorts/jeans/skirts remind of the mom jeans from the ’80s. Which reminds him of his mother.


Source: Instagram/@w.o.r.d.s_a.s_w.e.a.p.o.n.s


2. Super Fancy Nails

These fancy manis are all the rage right now, but he’s not digging them. They are scary to him and all he can think about is when and where all the little decorations are going to fall off.


Source: Instagram/@inthenailroom


3. Metallic Knock-Off Birks

He may have a point here.


Source: Instagram/@annaelise15


4. Summer Pantsuit

He can’t help but wonder what you have to go through just to use the bathroom. A lot, buddy. A lot.

It’s a pantsuit! #pantsuit

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5. Mullet Dress

We know they are really called a high-low dress and they are super fashionable, but all he can see is a big ol’ fabric mullet.

Wearing #summerstripes . happy weekend ! #style #ootd #streetstyle #tgif #rooftopdeck #nyc #hilowdress #bucketbag

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6. Giant Sunglasses

Cute, but they cover 75% of your face. And ladies, he wants to see your face!

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7. Heels with Shorts

He thinks you are confused and can’t decide if you are being casual or dressy. He just doesn’t get it.


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8. Super Distressed Jeans

His thoughts? If you are hot, why not just wear a pair of shorts? Just not with heels!


Source: Instagram/@smadfablane


9. Very Tall Gladiator Sandals 

He can’t stop thinking of how painful and uncomfortable they look. Also, shouldn’t you just wear a pair of boots and call it a day?


Source: Instagram/@smadfablane