Are Cowboy Boots Really Comfortable?

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Cowboy boots look stunning on women, sexy on men and adorable on the kiddos — but are they really comfortable?  The answer in short is, yes. If you purchase a good brand, they are durable and cushioned on the inside. When you’re looking for the most comfortable cowboy boot in any brand, here are a few things to consider.


When purchasing cowboy boots, be sure to read the specifications. It may be tempting to purchase them based on looks only, but outer appearance won’t let you know much about the inside. To have the most comfortable feel when wearing boots, choose ones with an EVA-cushioned footbed or those that feature lightly cushioned insoles. These boots are designed for continuous wear for hours at a time.

Outer soles

Cowboy boots have heavy, hard outer soles that are meant for treading through heavy dirt and on hard floors. The soles are usually made from leather or sanded leather. Unlike muck or hiking boots, the outer soles on cowboy boots are not cushioned. Other types of boots have rubber outer soles, so they work as shock absorbers. Cowboy boots are cushioned well on the inside, so the outer soles don’t cause any pain.


When it comes to purchasing a cowboy boot with a good fit, you have to consider what time of year for which you’re purchasing them and what your occupation is. If you work on your feet for hours or if you’re purchasing your boots in the winter, you’ll need to purchase a half size bigger. This way, you can take foot swelling or thick socks into consideration. If you’re wearing your cowboy boots in the summer, you can purchase your actual size since you’ll be wearing thinner socks.

No matter what boot you choose, you can increase your comfort by adding gel insoles. These insoles can be placed on the inner heel of your cowboy boots or under the toes. If you’re adding thick insole inserts, you may need to purchase a half size larger to make up for the restricted wiggle room.

If you’re into [cowboy boots], and you’re looking for the most comfortable ones, make sure you find a boot that is perfect for your lifestyle.

Do you have a favorite pair of comfortable cowboy boots?

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