Are You Properly Cuffing Your Jeans?

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While we are the first to admit this is hardly ground-breaking news, there is a correct way to cuff (or for you 80’s babies, tight-rolling) your jeans. The trend has made a huge comeback and this time the look is much more haphazard and relaxed.

Our favorite way to rock this look is with a pair of rolled boyfriend jeans and a short boot like this fashionista we found on Instagram:

Photo Credit: Instagram User/@ebluvsu

3 tips to get the perfect cuff: (yes, it really is that easy!)

  • Make sure the denim is slightly wrinkled. Wrinkled denim holds it shape better than crisply ironed jeans. You’re welcome!
  • Make sure the first cuff is somewhere around two inches. If you don’t want to show that much skin, cuff less.
  • Finally, make the second and final fold. Be sure you pull down on the finished cuff. This tightens it slightly and keeps it in place.

That’s all there is to it! Simple, yet a trendy touch to a simple outfit!


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