Boooo-tiful Halloween Manicures

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Halloween is the one day of the year we get to dress up as our favorite characters and not be considered weird. But it is just one day and if you are like us, you want to celebrate Halloween longer. We have the perfect solution! A Halloween manicure that can be worn for the days or even weeks leading up to our favorite spooky holiday. We love the idea of dressing up our nails!

We found these super creative manis on Instagram!

This is a fancy Halloween manicure is called, The Devil Wears Prada.

Photo Credit: Instagram User/naq57

Monster’s Inc. is a classic monster movie that isn’t so scary, but adorable!

Photo Credit: Instagram User/katelyn_lacy

Emojis are all the rage in digital communications. This mani sports the ghost emoji and we kind of dig it!

Photo Credit: Instagram User/supernaculumnails

Eeeek! Spider mani captures Halloween perfectly, webs and all!

Photo Credit: Instagram User/darygalcreations

Witches are the classic Halloween characters! Cute silhouettes on a diamond background gets everyone in the spirit.

Photo Credit: Instagram User/pullstrings

This may be our favorite! Cute mummies peeking though is super creative.

Photo Credit: Instagram User/elizahopenails

Can’t have Halloween without Frankenstein!

Photo Credit: Instagram User/esanchez81

All the classic Halloween characters in one mani!

Photo Credit: Instagram User/lacquer_daze

Cemeteries are the perfect backdrop for Halloween spookiness.

Photo Credit: Instagram User/naileditbyhilarie

What is your favorite Halloween manicure?